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0/1 is an artist’s book of poetry, bound and printed on thick cream A4 paper, on the notions of return and reversibility via the exploration of the relationship of the I Ching with binary code, hunter-gatherer dystopia, and childhood. Side 0 includes poems about the ancient Chinese divination system of the I Ching, then explores a hypothetical move of humans back to hunter-gatherer ideals and shamanism. This section ends with a poem duplicated upside down on the neighbouring page. The I Ching is used to achieve answers arrived at by flipping coins, so I encourage my reader to flip a coin as to whether turn the book upside down and continue reading, or turn the book upside down and read from the beginning of the ‘other cover’ – side 1. The closer to number 1, the further ‘back’ the poems go, becoming about personal experience of wildness and East/West binaries as experienced by an increasingly younger voice.

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